Before moving to Willowview Heights, 32-year-old Shane was living in a bachelor suite near St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon.

“I didn’t really much like it there because … you hear sirens because you’re close to the hospital and you hear trains go by because you’re close to the rail line,” he told NAHC as part of our Empowering Inclusion in Affordable Housing report.

He only lived there for about a year but he says that wasn’t unusual for him — he has always moved around a lot, bouncing  from place to place, unable to find a home that was a good fit. 

Everything changed when he moved to Willowview Heights, though.

The NAHC’s 72-unit Willowview Heights rental complex in Saskatoon houses nine adults with intellectual disabilities as part of a partnership with Inclusion Saskatchewan. Tenants receive reduced monthly rents as well as dedicated, person-centric property management. 

Shane’s life has improved since he moved to Willowview Heights. Along with having comfortable, stable housing, he’s been receiving a variety of other supports that have made a big difference in his life.

His success story was recently featured as part of the 2021 Inclusion Breakfast in support of Inclusion Saskatchewan.

Watch Shane’s story here: