We support & celebrate inclusion

We’re proud to partner with Real Life Rentals, Inclusion Saskatchewan and the Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatoon to manage some of the best affordable and supportive independent living rental housing options in Saskatchewan for people with unique housing needs.

Independent Living Affordable Rentals

We work with Inclusion Saskatchewan, the Canadian Mental health Association – Saskatoon Branch and Creative Options Regina to offer independent affordable living rentals. If you believe you may qualify and benefit from their support, please reach out to these organizations.

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  • Saskatchewan
    Rosewood Park, Regina
    Willowgrove, Saskatoon
    Aspen Ridge, Saskatoon
  • Individuals & Roommates
    Note: Roommates must be approved and have support in place. Roommate matching assistance available.
  • 760 sq ft - 1254 sq ft
    $465/month - $850/month

    Utilities cost an estimated $80-$120/month depending on unit size and usage levels. Can be added onto rent for simplicity.

Aspen Heights

Developed by the NAHC and operated in partnership with Real Life Rentals (see more photos on the RLR website)
  • Saskatoon
    Aspen Ridge
    345 Feheregyhazi Blvd.
  • 2BR + 3BR townhomes
  • 760 sq ft - 1254 sq ft
    $850/month - $1,255/month
  • Regina
    Rosewood Park

Willowview Heights

Developed by the NAHC and operated in partnership with Real Life Rentals (see more photos on the RLR website)
  • Saskatoon
    107 Thode Ave.
  • 2BR + 3BR townhomes
  • 760 sq ft + 1254 sq ft

Plainsview Townhomes

Developed by the NAHC and operated in partnership with Real Life Rentals (see more photos on the RLR website)
  • Regina
    Rosewood Park
    1420 N Silverleaf Blvd.
  • 2BR + 3BR townhomes
  • 760 sq ft + 1121 sq ft
People gathered at a party at a townhouse development in Saskatoon.

Helping Canadians

Our mission is to help all Canadians find a great home that’s affordable in their community.

Rental demand is increasing across Canada. More people are now renting longer because economic factors and federal rule changes have made it harder for first-time homebuyers to get a mortgage. Our goal is to develop the best affordable rental projects possible in desirable, family-friendly neighbourhoods. We welcome partnerships of all types, including individual, private sector, non-profit and government investment. Together we can deliver healthy, safe and affordable rentals that benefit families in our communities for years to come.

Townhouses being built using the modular method.

Experience and expertise

We work with other non-profit organizations to also help tenants with housing challenges that require additional supports and services. Many of the non-profit organizations we partner with have clients in need of affordable housing but have gaps in their ability to plan, finance, build and operate their own affordable housing. We help fill those gaps.

Helping people in need

We work with organizations to give them access to units in our own affordable housing projects. This helps ensure people in even greater need of affordable housing can access quality, affordable rentals in safe locations.

Open to partnerships

Working with the NAHC to support vulnerable individuals through access to our affordable rental housing is easy and has a lower risk than trying to build your own housing. We're always looking for partnerships with other reputable organizations. Contact us for more information.

A townhouse in Saskatoon.

Affordable housing answers

The National Affordable Housing Corporation (NAHC) is a non-profit organization based in Saskatoon, Sask. We’re part of a network of non-profits across Canada that help communities address affordable housing challenges. We’re proud to help low-to-moderate income individuals, couples and families by building and improving access to good quality affordable housing.

About NAHC
Affordable rentals & supportive independent living

We partner with other community-based organizations to offer living options for people with higher housing needs.

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