Monthly Rental Sponsorships

We have Monthly Rental Sponsorships available for approved locations in Saskatoon and Regina. This program helps make rent affordable for individuals and families in financial need. Applicants are accepted based on their financial situation and household makeup.

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Affordable Supportive Independent Living Rentals

For people with additional housing challenges or needs, we’ve partnered with community service provider organizations to offer Affordable Supportive Independent Living Rentals in Saskatoon and Regina. This rental option ensures people who face greater barriers accessing affordable housing have access to a good home and inclusive community.

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Two parents hold their children as one kids holds out a key. There are boxes in the background.

Down Payment Programs (on hold)

Our Home Ownership Down Payment Assistance Programs helped 1,195 low-to-moderate income families own their own home. Through our programs, we offered down payment grants in amounts up to 5% of the purchase price of a home. Other financial assistance for low-to-moderate income first time homeowners included our Tax Sponsorship Program. This program helped families afford the monthly costs of owning a home. All home ownership programs were made possible with the support of CMHC, the Government of Saskatchewan, the City of Saskatoon, and more.

We currently do not have homeownership grants available at this time; check back soon for updates.


Our rental programs are helping people find affordable rentals in safe new communities in Saskatoon and Regina.